Hundertwasser became only belatedly conscious of his fourth, family skin. An only child, whose father died when he was an infant, his family life was limited to an exclusive relationship with his mother, in the form of a visceral attachment and deep ironic tenderness. When she died in 1972 Hundertwasser came to a decisive turning-point in his career. He became from then on much more sensitive to the social environment and to the identity problems linked to a group, community or nation.

The fourth skin does not stop at this family level, natural or acquired. Its social milieu extends to the associative groups managing the life of a collectivity.

And this Austrian painter feels like a citizen of the world of which he has shaped a new image, that of a happy space in beauty. Beauty engenders peace: peace in the beauty is the sovereign expression of the great natural order, universal harmony.

His brillant power resides in the homogeneity and coherence of his all-embracing vision. Hundertwasser`s geopolitics rest on national identity, on the compactness of the diverse signs that convey the specific difference of a nation.