On the Residential Building of the City of Vienna (Extract)
Producer: SH PRODUCTION Symes-Schutzmann & Co KEG, Baernbach, Styria

A film on an unusual house that does not correspond to the usual cliches and norms of academic architecture. A house conceived and designed by a painter. A journey into the land of creative architecture where there are window right and tree tenants and uncontrolled irregularities, uneven floors, woodlands on the roof, spontaneous vegetation and barriers of beauty.

The film shows everything which remains inaccessible to a visitor to the house. It explores the motives which made Friedensreich Hundertwasser occupy himself with architecture and dwelling. It demonstrates the ideas which inspired the unusual details of this house. It provides an insight into the interior and into the way people live in this house. Hundertwasser talks about his ideas and concerns on a more human architecture in harmony with nature.

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