Venice, 1962
Mixed media: egg tempera and oil on wrapping paper, primed with chalk and PV; mounted on jute with PV
1950 mm x 1300 mm
Painted in Vienna, February 1962 - Venice, Giudecca, July 1962
Hundertwasser comment about the work:
The two pictures [556 and 533] belong together and form a huge wall of windows on which a house becomes a steamboat. The house and steamboat are one and have a thousand windows. I wrote a poem about this, "The Death of the Thousand Windows". In the house, on the roof, on the chimney and in the windows meadows grow organically, recognisable as the sections of tree trunks or like sedimentation. Befriended windows unite or divide for lack of understanding, or to propagate. The sidewalk becomes a sea. The house is aflow and constantly changing. The same way you cannot tell a cloud, a river, a person to stand still, not to move, to stay immobile like a photograph, the house must change in order to live, or else it is dead. (from: Hundertwasser Architecture, Cologne, 1997, p. 28)
This painting got an award at the Guggenheim International, New York, 1964
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