Published in 1988
Woodcut 5 in the portfolio JOY OF MAN
Format: 570 mm x 420 mm
Image: 490 mm x 390 mm
Japanese woodcut in 21 colours
After 850 THE SECOND SKIN, postage stamp design for UN Vienna, watercolour, 320 x 250 mm, Kaurinui, 1983
Cut by: Tatsuo Kawashima, Kyoto
Printed by: Akio Shimizu, Kyoto, 1986
Coordinator: Yamagami
Edition of 200, signed and numbered 1-200/200; plus 3 specimen dedicated to the cutter, the printer and the coordinator, respectively
Published by: Published by Galerie de l'Etoile, S.A., 1988
Hundertwasser comment about the work:
THE SECOND SKIN A free man wears free clothes. If the second skin of man, his clothes, is uniformed, made by soulless machines or dictated by fashion, it will be like a false skin, like a foreign body. It will not fit the individual and man will get sick, just as if something was wrong with his first, his real skin. It is a long-term and wicked sickness of our civilisation which manifests itself in a general bad feeling of each individual, a summing up to a damage to self-respect and enslavement of the soul with all the disastrous consequences to our society. Therefore, the right to each man to his individual looks and outsides and his right to create and wear individual clothes must not be violated.
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