Architecture: Redesign
Spittelauer Lände 45, 1090, Vienna, Austria

Architectural redesign of the incineration plant and the chimney

1988 - 1992
Developer: Heizbetriebe Wien Ges.mbH/Fernwärme Wien
Planning: Waagner Biro - Marchart, Moebius & Partner, Vienna Preliminary façade plans: Architect Peter Pelikan Construction manager: Ing. Jürgen Kleiner

Model 1:200: Alfred Schmid, 1987
Model 1:100: Alfred Schmid, 1988
Exhibition model 1:50: executed by Alfred Schmid, 1990
Start of construction: 1988
Inauguration: December 2, 1992

Country: Austria

Thanks to the persistence of Vienna's Mayor Helmut Zilk Hundertwasser has taken on the task of redesigning the exterior of the Spittelau district heating plant. Originally Hundertwasser had opposed the idea out of ecological concerns, upon consulting his friend, the environmentalist Bernd Lötsch, who had fundamental objections to a garbage-incinerating plant as long as all possibilities for avoiding garbage were not exhausted. But when it was promised that the plant would be equipped with the most modern emission-purification technology, that 60,000 apartments would be heated whose emissions would otherwise be a further source of pollution, thus making Vienna's air cleaner, and in view of the fact that a metropolis such as Vienna would need a garbage-incinerating plant despite the greatest efforts to avoid garbage, Hundertwasser finally agreed to accept to redesign this industrial site. Hundertwasser's vision was that this spectacular industrial construction should be an example of a symbiotic harmony between technology, ecology and art, a reminder to society to mend its wasteful ways.

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