I have a bicycle. Paris is big. I want to say that the lines I draw with my bicycle through this great city are extraordinary.


The lines are just as wonderful as all the other lines I cross traced by all the other people.


I ride around people and obstacles. I am happy at last to be in harmony and in contact with the others.


These lines, for which I need many hours and which form an enormous circle by the time I come back and which make me tired, are more beautiful, more genuine and more justified than those I could draw on paper.


And I dare say that the lines I trace with my feet on the pavement walking to the museum are more important than the lines I will find there hanging on the walls inside.


And it pleases me enormously to see that the line I trace is never straight, never confused, but has a reason to be like this in every tiny part.

Beware of the straight line and the drunken line. But above all beware of the T-squared straight line.


The straight line leads to the downfall of humanity.

La linge droite conduit à la perte de l’humanité.