Original Graphic



Hundertwasser mastered and initiated many innovations in graphic techniques, as in lithograph, silk screen, etching, colour woodcut and mixed media.
Already in the first serigraphies he used metal foil embossing and fluorescent colours. Through a sophisticated reproduction technique as well as through manual reworking a variety of new expressive possibilities and image effects could be achieved.
He was one of the first to demand and practice complete transparency of information about technique, dates of creation, publisher, editions and variations for each sheet.
Hundertwasser never really created large editions of one and the same original graphic work. His graphic editions comprise several colour versions and variants, which are not numbered as separate editions, but instead numbered throughout the entire edition.
It was Hundertwasser’s aim to make many different unique pieces within the art of the graphic, in his aspiration to overcome the chain production by the machine, to produce creative individuality thereby going beyond machine reproduction.
With the graphic work  10002 Nights Homo Humus Come Va How Do You Do  a climax in the history of graphic art was achieved. In the edition of 10,002 each specimen differs from the other – an edition of 10,0002 unique specimen.