50th anniversary of the film HUNDERTWASSERS REGENTAG

26. January 2021
In his diary Hundertwasser noted down the film shooting near Hahnsäge, in the deep wintry Waldviertel (Lower Austria). Unique shootings were taken of Hundertwasser lying on the ice floes of the Kamp River and listening to the sound of the water. 
Hundertwasser about this film: “My first big documentary film, with the director Peter Schamoni, was nominated for an Oscar in the category documentary film and was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 1972. (...) The film was shot in my studio flat on Vienna's Graben, in Waldviertel, on the Giudecca in Venice and on the Regentag sailing in Dalmatian waters. It wasn't raining, so Schamoni passed before the camera with an opened umbrella; with the sound of rain dubbed in, the illusion that it was raining was perfect. (…)”
On January 27, 1971, Hundertwasser noted in his diary: “In the afternoon, filming with my mother with Schamoni. She and me and her pictures.”
Hundertwasser's mother Elsa lived in this apartment at the Obere Donaustrasse (Vienna) until her death in 1972. The painter writes: “(…) she later, at about age seventy, took up painting herself, I think to prove to me that she could paint, too, in the naive style of Grandma Moses, who, at a very advanced age, after a full life, began to paint in her retirement and became a sensation in the art world. Grandma Moses painted until she was over a hundred years old; my mother died at 87.”
Hundertwasser with his mother, 1972 / Copyright Gabriela Brandenstein