Exhibitions are our confessions...


Exhibitions are our confessions nowadays. Shame to those who do not exhibit. This exhibition is my sixth. Only exhibitions in their totality are serious. Those are the ones that should be seen, also because one cannot get an idea without having seen the colours and I am quite weak in structures, which is unfortunately only too obvious when it comes to black and white reproductions. Furthermore, the paintings blend in very well as if they were in a puzzle and one would have to possess a lot of paintings. Two years before, I was still convinced that everyone could paint and I painted in a way that everyone could imitate or reproduce, to demonstrate how easy it is to do, but it was pointless. Now, I would like to paint in the most complicated manner possible. It is more beautiful, and it entails a much larger scope. Each third generation should be illiterate, that way we would obtain wonderful fallow space that we need so much (for the transautomistation) AND people who would understand us as well. We would go further and faster in all domains, and overall deeper, and life would be more interesting. Fortunately, one of my grandmothers was illiterate. New visions are true transgangetic winds that will clean and heal us. I hope you understand, the valley green of blue Asian or not, so dangerous for ultra-sound planes. It's wonderful. I, a literary and decorative painter, I am happy and healthy. I invented, 17 months ago and I hope to be the first- the individual cinema of transautomatic vision by means of which we could now measure and even fight OUR NEW ILLITERACY which is the worst kind Man has ever seen; compared to which illiteracy seems a mere bagatelle: the weakened perception and VISUAL IMPOTENCY. The first act to get out of this terrible, shameful and humiliating situation which is ours is the institution without any further delay of the Obligatory Creation and its mobilisation. Meanwhile, one must start from now on the exercise of FLUIDOID ACTIVITY and spiraloid development. I like myself, I like my name, I like my possibilities. With the money that I will make by painting I will buy a house and a car.


Written on April 13, 1956, for the exhibition at Galerie Paul Facchetti, Paris

Published in:

Hundertwasser. New York: Parkstone Press International, 2008, p. 59