Friedensreich Hundertwasser

We must strive for a peace treaty with nature, the only superior creative power on which man depends.

This peace treaty with nature would have to contain at least the following points:

1. We must learn the language of nature in order to reach an understanding with her.

2. We must give back territories to nature which we have misappropriated and devastated. For example, according to the principle: everything which is horizontal under the open sky belongs to nature, including, for example, roofs, roads.

3. Tolerance of spontaneous vegetation.

4. The creation of man and the creation of nature must be re-united. The schism of these creations has had catastrophic consequences for nature and man.

5. Life in harmony with the laws of nature.

6. We are only the guests of nature and must behave accordingly. Man is the most dangerous pest ever to devastate the earth. Man must put himself behind ecological barriers so the earth can regenerate.

7. Human society must again become a waste-free society. For only he who honours his own waste and re-uses it in a waste-free society transforms death into life and has the right to live on this earth. Because he respects the cycle and allows the rebirth of life to occur.


Excerpt of: Concrete Utopias for the Green City, Symposium at the International Gardening Exposition IGA, Munich, July 27, 1983.

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