Hundertwasser's comment on the work

I lived and painted for an entire year, a winter in the snow and a summer in which I bathed in the river, in my old mill on the Kamp. I fetched water out of a little brook; in the evening I lit seven kerosene lamps; I also had the first paltry solar current from a little photovoltaic cell on the grass roof. In the winter I set up a large mirror in such a way that it reflected more daylight on the ceiling. Now and then I had a visitor. I fetched provisions in the three nearby villages, or I went down a narrow path along the river and visited my neighbour Kastner. I was proud I could find my way home in the dark without a flashlight. The eyes get used to the darkness. Many pictures were painted. I placed them all together for a photograph. The painting shows a reversal in the relationship between plants and man, which I had already painted earlier, in 1954, with painting 199 The Flowers Will Sit in Judgment over Man. (from: Hundertwasser 1928-2000, Catalogue Raisonné, Vol. 2, Taschen, Cologne, 2002, p. 666)


Hahnsäge, 1987
Painted at La Picaudière, January 1987 - Verlosnitz Treibach, Carynthia, May 2, 1987 - mounted and painted Hahnsäge, summer 1987 - signed Hahnsäge, December 18, 1987
500 mm x 650 mm
Mixed media: watercolour on paper with acrylic priming (48 x 63 cm) glued on canvas with cellulose glue and PV; finished with acrylic priming, egg tempera, acrylic, oil, lacquer and tinfoil; gold and silver leaf applied by Ralf Wittig, Zwettl
Collection Kastner, Zwettl, Austria

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